A Style which is against the System “Arise of Punk Style in the 70’s”



Fashion is not only to be clothed, it is a way to define and identify the personality, the way of thinking and the ideology. More generally, Fashion is the “freedom of expression”. Throughout the centuries we witnessed in each historical era different and very special and characteristic styling cultures and in this way each period has reflected through Fashion its perception and ideology.
Now, I will mention about a very special style which brought a new breathe to the sense of Fashion which is called “Punk” street style. “Punk” is used for members of a certain subculture, who differ in the way of their dress styles and life styles.

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The Etymology of the word Punk
From the late 16th until 18th century the word Punk was used as a synonym for prostitute. This can be proved in Shakespear`s works because he used the word Punk in the meaning of prostitute in “The Merry Wives of Windsor” (1602) and “Measure for Measure” (1623). In the course of time the word Punk has become different meanings like, “a young male hustler, a gangster, a hoodlum, a worthless person”. However the real and true meaning of Punk is: “a social and musical movement rooted in rebelling against the established order, non-conformist, anarchist, nihilist, individualist, socialist, anti-militarist, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-nationalist, anti-homophobic, environmentalist”. But unfortunately the ‘positive’ meanings which I mentioned above are not really known because the history and the aim of the Punk movement is still not really grasped and understood. Therefore, the word Punk is still known as a negative adjective like “worthless person, gangster and so on”.


The history of Punk movement
Punk style occurred in the back streets of London in the late 70’s. It was an uprising against the exploitative and capitalist system. To be more clear, it was an anti-fashion act indeed; but it gave a new comprehension and insight into the Fashion world. They turn aside from the casual dress style what the society was expected to wear. We can regard Punk style as a reaction against the fashion industry, the exploitative power, and especially the inactive conformist society.


The arise of Punk “style” was a scream, a rebellion, an anarchy and an exclusive fight of freedom.

According to me,this act brought a revolutionary understanding into the fashion world and gave extreme individuality to the comprehension of Fashion. Punk’s are showing through their dress styles or fashion understanding their opinions and ideas about the changing imperialist world, and reject all societal moral values.


Punk was an opposition against the inactive society

Through “Punk”, the basic understanding of fashion changed. It deal more with social, political and environmental issues. Fashion was no longer not only ‘cloth pieces’. I think through the movement of “Punk” street style, body and soul become a harmonic union. Moreover, it direct to questionize the presence within the exploitative government. It has shown that each individual can show their opinions, moral values and political views through their stylings. That was and is the powerful side of Punk style. Its intr


In my next writing I will mention about the different dress styles of the Punk`s more detailed.
Up until then, do not judge people because of their different (life) styles because when you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself! Stay in Peace!