Fashion Abroad Vol.2


Hazırlayan / Prepared by : Tuba AYDIN

Fashion Abroad will give another perspective of fashion which is practiced in different countries. Fashion shouldn’t be perceived as monotonic and money based mechanism on the contrary fashion should be grasped as an interactive tool that feeds itself through inspirations.

“Fashion Abroad” will show the distinct perceptions of enthusiastic fashion, different motivations of fashion and the individual conscious behind the term of fashion.

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Yurt dışında moda algısı konseptimiz bize yeni bakış açıları kazandırmakla birlikte modanın evrensel bir yaşam anlayışı haline geldiğini gösterecek. Modada global bir anlayışın yanı sıra bireyselliğin, ideolojinin ve kişisel felsefenin kıyafet seçimi ile nasıl yansıdığını göreceğiz. Kısacası moda iç dünyanın dış dünya ile buluşma halidir. Ruh-madde ilişkisinin kumaş parçaları ile vücuda gelme halidir. Umarız “Yurtdışında Moda” konseptimiz siz okurlarımıza ilham kaynağı olmakla birlikte keyifli anlar yaşatır.

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Eren Karadağ,

Studying at University of Amsterdam,

Lives in Düsseldorf/Germany.

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I do not follow any fashion trend because I believe that a unique style should be created with the imagination that one posses. In short, through fashion one can show the individual ideology, characteristic features and the courage that in one exist.


Merve Tenik,

MBA in Luxury Business Management, International School of Management in Paris,

Working for Karl Lagerfeld

karl lagerfeld

fashion abroad fashion abroadfashion abroad  fashion abroadfashion abroad

What fashion expresses doesn´t last. Style lasts. But it hast to follow fashion to outlive it.“ – Karl Lagerfeld

Being a fashion lover and owning an MBA in Luxury Business Management from the International School of Management in Paris I have built my own opinion of what fashion stands for. Now working for Karl Lagerlefd who has been my idol for many years I see fashion from a whole different perspective.

Just as the creative designer of Chanel as well as Fendi Mr Lagerfeld states in his book „The world according to Karl“. I truly believe that fashion is not an everlasting code of conduct that needs tob e sticked upon and utterly followed by the generations.

It is more that we have to adapt fashion to our own styles and trends that makes us feel comfortable in our daily as well as in our professional lifes in expressing ourselfes. I do not believe that a fashionable women can only be elegant if she knows herself sufficiently to patronize a single high end luxury brand. Todays style consists of a mix and match from high end brand Céline skirt to the fast fashion brand Top Shop shirt. The ads in high end magazines and editorials should be seen as a tool for all the fashion interested entrepreneurs of their of style seekers. The admirations of all pret-a-porter shows and fast fashion collections stand as a tool in order to create an idea of how we could combine todays fashion with our own style that lasts forever.

I myself adore Chanel´s Célines and Stella McCartneys sporty but classic casual styles that cateres for the ease of movement as for the feminine body. A booming new born Victoria Beckham brand identity also stands for simplicity and practically wearable garments that can be combined with the right accessories from day to eveningwear.

It just a touch of our styles that matters! There is no French chic or Italian blood needed to be elgant and fashion forward.