Raf Simons Creates A “New Woman”


Christian Dior- Fashion Week 2014

Paris, Fall 2014 Runway

Raf Simons creates a “new woman”

Yazar : Melissa Brill

Fashion designer Raf Simons impressed the audience with his new fall/winter collection City Lights. While last show was about a dreamy Femme Fleur, this time Bright and neon colors in combination with black dominated the catwalk. Simons’ oeuvre is reflecting a rather modern and emancipated workingwoman. The designer manages to make over-sized dresses, business suits and coats look very feminine and professional-perfect for an urban businesswoman. Skirts ending in light waves, unequally long and asymmetric dresses. Wide but still perfectly shaped suits appear cheerful and set feminine accentuations. The younger Parisian audience is represented as the collection continues; loose coats and dresses appearing flexible and relaxed, but still elegant and chic. Little details as models carrying their coats over their arm or wearing sunglasses truly draws a picture of a walking woman on the street seeking her next destination.

Simons managed to stay simple, but at the same time extraordinary and elegant- SO excited to see more of the visionary fashion designer …

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